Flynn expected to invoke Fifth Amendment, source says

President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn won’t provide records to the Senate intelligence committee and will invoke his Fifth Amendment rights in response to a subpoena from the committee, according to a source close to Flynn.

Duterte looks to strengthen ties with Moscow

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte will depart on an official five-day visit to Moscow Monday, as part of an effort to realign his country’s foreign policy away from longtime ally the United States.

Obama to join Merkel at Germany’s Brandenburg Gate

Former President Barack Obama will sit side-by-side with German Chancellor Angela Merkel Thursday in the first event of what will eventually become his worldwide program to inspire young people to create change.

Ring bought for $13 valued at $456K

A 26-carat diamond ring, bought for $13 at a garage sale in 1980s London, has been valued at $456,000 and is set to be sold this June in auction at Sotheby’s, the British auction house.

Melania Trump gets rave reviews ..

First lady Melania Trump’s fashion choices got rave reviews in local Saudi Arabian press Sunday, despite forgoing the customary headscarf.

… but her outfits cause a stir

Melania Trump’s outfits are getting praise for being “classy and conservative,” but also garnering criticism for breaking the rules in Saudi Arabia.

Water breaches ‘Doomsday’ vault entrance

Unseasonably warm temperatures last fall caused water to breach the entrance to the Arctic’s so-called “Doomsday” seed vault, one of humanity’s last hopes after a global catastrophe, the company that manages the vault said last week.

Jakarta police raid gay sex party

A raid by police on a gym and sauna in the Indonesian capital Jakarta on Sunday evening is being seen by some as the latest evidence of a crackdown on the rights of the country’s LGBT population.